Varicose Veins

What are varicose veins?

Varicose veins have a bluish colour and appear on the skin surface, particularly the legs. Varicose veins occur more frequently in people who have a strong family history of venous problems. They occur more frequently in women due to pregnancy.

Prolonged standing causes increased venous pressure in the legs, and this results in dilation of the leg veins, causing the valve cusps to be pulled apart and allowing the blood to flow back down into the leg. This reverse flow or reflux of blood back into the leg results in the familiar appearance of tortuous and knotted varicose veins.

What are the symptoms of varicose veins?

Signs and symptoms of varicose veins include Continue reading

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Burdens Bathrooms launch new Aspire bathroom range

Aspire… your inspiration to enhance and enjoy living with well designed, quality bathroom components. An array of stylish, well pointed, durable and innovative products that are suited to any residential or commercial project. Aspire… a clean modern look, the most affordable prices and reliability to last for many years ahead. Continue reading

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An alternative to marine ply board & plywood – Uniboard

Dotmar’s Uniboard is a unique recycled thermoplastic which replaces marine ply, plywood, MDF and craft wood within the construction, shop fitting and leisure industries. Uniboard outperforms its traditional timber rivals due to its advanced polymer structure which ensures this material is almost indestructible. Uniboard eliminates the requirement for regular weatherproofing, sound proofing, painting and other general ongoing maintenance hence reducing the long term operational costs.
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Budget accommodation in Melbourne

Hotel Claremont guesthouse has announced that it’s dropping it’s already cheap hotel room rates for the low season.

Until the end of August, Hotel Claremont guesthouse is treating it’s visitors to a 20% off special on their budget hotel rooms, the special is only available through their website ( and on bookings made for Sunday to Thursday. Hotel Claremont guesthouse caters to many types of budget accommodation seekers, from backpackers looking for a more up-market alternative to grungy inner-city melbourne hostels, to school groups seeking teacher and student accommodation while travelling down to Melbourne for the week. Hotel Claremont provides 5 star customer service while customers only pay for a 3 star stay.

For international backpackers, Hotel Claremont has become the place to stay in Australia, with the guesthouse being voted as the ‘no.1 Hostel in Australia‘ by backpackers on for the month of December 2009. Making Hotel Claremont the obvious choice for backpackers seeking a great value hostel in Melbourne. Continue reading

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